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Football Team Hand Delivers Underwear Donation

A few weeks ago we shared the story of the Leonardtown High School football team’s UNDERWEARNESS drive and now we’re back with the story of how they chose who received the underwear donated.

The team did some research to find areas that had at least 50% of their elementary school students enrolled in the federal free lunch program, an indicator of poverty. In the end they chose Floyd County, Kentucky which had 88-98% enrollment.

While attending the American Football Coaches Association Convention they met with Ms. Mary Ann Jennings, the Regional Program Manager at the Kentucky Division of the Family Resource and Youth Services Centers to deliver the underwear donated at their football teams UNDERWEARNESS drive.

This is what Ron Weinberg had to say about the experience:

“It was a heartbreaking experience to observe and to hear the stories of the children but an unbelievable warm feeling to observe a true appreciation in receiving our donation. Coach Woodburn and I visited some of the more impoverished areas of the country today. We are unable to find the words that truly captured our feeling of what we observed today. We had wished our Players, Parents and QB Club could have been with us today to see what we have done to help make some lives a little better - Thanks to everyone for your help in supporting Leonardtown HS Football's UNDERWEARNESS drive. It was a life changing experience!”

We want to give Ron, Coach Woodburn and the entire Leonardtown community a HUGE thank you for all of their support and generosity!

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