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Helping Staten Island's Children

Last month the East Coast was hammered by Hurricane Sandy. The storm left the coast demolished, people homeless and lives devastated. We have all seen the news coverage, gasped as the footage showing homes wiped away and prayed for everyone involved. But more importantly we watched the nation leap into action and do whatever was necessary to help the people living on the East Coast. Those who lived in the path of Sandy were desperately in need of food, shelter and clothing...and people across the nation immediately sent supplies and man power. Homes were opened to strangers, food was provided, clothes were donated. But one important thing was forgot. Something simple, but essential.


People were donating used clothing but those that lost their homes and belongings were in need of something simpler than jeans and a t shirt. They needed clean underwear! This need had gone beyond the days of putting off laundry day and UNDERWEARNESS wanted to help! After all, outfitting children with fresh, new underwear is kind of our thing.

Along with the rest of the nation we wanted to help, to make a difference in such a trying time. So we did what we do best. We hosted an underwear drive, accepted donations and went underwear shopping!

A short time later we had gathered up 2,500 pairs of underwear, basically cleaning out the aisles at the local Walmart! We were on a mission. We had children to help! To stay efficient we started a mini assembly line at the check out...pile up the conveyor belt, overwork the cashier, build boxes, fill boxes, repeat!

Our next stop involved toting a lot of boxes into the shipping store and keeping the postal service in business! We ended up with 20 boxes to ship off to Staten Island! Yes, you read that right! Twenty boxes with 2,500 pairs of new underwear!

We spent our day collecting underwear and donations then taping up boxes. All because of you and your donations! Thanks to you and your generosity we were able to act quickly and send off enough underwear to help over 400 children...with just a few days of notice! This is truly amazing and inspirational! Thank you all so very much.

If you are just now finding out about our underwear drive for the children of Staten Island and want to help we are definitely still taking donations! We will not hesitate to make another trip out to buy and mail underwear. These children need the help and we are willing to do whatever we can! If you would like to help to donate please head over to our "how you can help" page to get information on making a monetary donation or where to send packages of new underwear.

We do truly appreciate your generosity, as do the children of Staten Island! Thank you!

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