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Helping Oklahoma's Infant Crisis

After the horrific tornado in Moore, Oklahoma that flattened an elementary school we knew we had to do something. Children were injured and killed. Homes were destroyed. A community was devastated.

We got in touch with Infant Crisis Services – an Oklahoma organization that helps infants and small children at times of crisis – and worked with them to get new underwear to the children of Oklahoma who have lost everything.

As soon as we got more information on how UNDERWEARNESS could help make a difference in Oklahoma we went shopping! Leigh, one of our board members, filled up a cart with a variety of children’s underwear, packaged them up and shipped the package on to ICS in Oklahoma.

For more information on Infant Crisis Services you can look them up on Facebook or check out their website. If you are looking for a way to personally help the people and children affected by the Oklahoma tornado you can make donations directly to Infant Crisis Services.

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