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Leonardtown HS Football Team Raises Awareness + $2,400!

A high school football team in Southern Maryland wanted to give back to their community...but they wanted to do something new, something the area wasn't used to seeing. This is where UNDERWEARNESS came into play! The Leonardtown HS football team partnered with UNDERWEARNESS to host underwear drives before each varsity home game!

Read the full article of their successful UNDERWEARNESS drives in the Southern Maryland Newspaper Online!

At the time this article was printed they had raised over $2,400 worth of new underwear for children in their community. But they did more than just collect underwear -- they learned just how many people in the area were living below the poverty level and desperately in need of basic life necessities, like new underwear!

This is the beauty of UNDERWEARNESS and what it can do for a community! Not only are you helping others get what they need you are making those around you aware of reality and giving everyone a new perspective on life.

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